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Dummy Guide to Dominating NPC Barbarian Lv 10

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NPC barbarian Lv 10 cities are great for raiding resources, collect Nation and Justice medal, gaining prestige, and good “must have conquered” city in Evony.

NPC troops and defenses regenerate very quickly, but the NPC city resources take 8 hours to regenerate fully.


Army                : 400.000 Warrior

Fortification      : 11.000 Traps, 5.500 Abatis, 3.666 Archer’s Tower, 2.200 Rolling Log,  1375 Defensive Trebuchet

Resources        : 19.000.000 Food. 600.000 Wood, 600.000 Iron, 600.000 Stone, 1.500.000 Gold (Total 22.300.000 resources)

Guide 1 (for Raiding/Plunder resources)


  1. Rally Point Lv 10
  2. 98.145 Archer, 1760-1800  Transporter(lvl 10 logistic), 1 pike/swords/scout/cavalary/cataphract, warrior(optional)
  3. Lv 10 Archery, Lv 10 Military Tradition, Lv 10 Iron Working, Lv 10 Medicine
  4. Hi-Attack hero, minimal attack is 160(recommended is above 180)
  5. Buff (War/Ivory Horn if your Hero Attack bellow 180, Penicillin)

No 1,3,4,5 is optional but strongly recommended for less casualty


Because for plunder only so distance target and your city is not to worried about. Only need 1 wave to attack, with 22.3 M resources if your Logistic lvl 10 will need 1800 transporter to plunder all resources.

  1. Scout npc target with 1 scout, for looking resources inside and look level enemy hero npc, if u got lvl enemy hero above 10 scout again until u got enemy hero bellow than 10(if level enemy hero is 1, scout again, because from my experience lvl 1 enemy hero make more casualty)
  2. Attack with rainbow method, 98.195 archer, 1 scout, 1 pike, 1 swords, 1 cav, 1 catapract and 1800 Transporter(don’t forget bring your best attack hero, hi-attack = less casualty)